Thought for Today: Turn that Monday frown upside-down

Why does Monday often feel like Moan-Day?

Did you ever notice how Monday mornings feel heavy and ‘blah’, and Fridays feel light and exciting – even if you’re not working those days? That’s because our thoughts and moods are contagious; the more people who are thinking positive thoughts, the more positive the day feels in general. Given that so many people feel ‘meh’ on a Monday, is it any wonder that the day itself feels ‘meh’?

So even if you feel ‘blah’ today, make a conscious choice to turn your ‘meh’ into ‘yeah!’. Do something to make yourself smile and then do something to make someone else smile, and then another, and then another. Spread that contagious positive energy!

And if you need a little light comic relief to get you on your way – here you go. We used to think the outfits in the picture below were the business. Seriously. 


Enjoy your Monday!


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