Mindfulness: A one-minute mindfulness activity

Finding time for mindful meditation is challenging, right? Wrong! You can do this simple exercise in only one minute!

Express Mindfulness Activity

Close your eyes, and bring your focus to your body. Take a deep breath in, noticing how the air fills your lungs. Slowly breathe out, noticing the sensation of your breath leaving your lungs. Breathe in again, feeling the air moving as it travels into your lungs and fills them up. Breathe out, slowly, paying attention to how the air feels as it leaves your body. Inhale a third time, holding the breath in and, again, observing the sensation of your lungs expanding. Slowly exhale, feeling the air travel out of your lungs and then out of your body. Slowly open your eyes – that’s it!

This quick activity is something you can do throughout the day to reset your focus and to make you feel refreshed. Enjoy!


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