Activity: Choose your Choices

Feeling overwhelmed by choice? Not sure what path to take or what actions to focus on? Try this simple ‘Choose Your Choices’ activity to take the pressure off within minutes.

  1. Grab some scrap paper and a pen
  2. Tear the paper up into note-size pieces
  3. Write down the specific things you need to make a choice about, using one scrap note per item – for example, if you are trying to decide on where to go on holidays, you might write down a different city name on each piece of paper
  4. Fold up each piece of paper and throw it into a hat or a bowl
  5. Have a friend pull out one piece (or as many pieces as you need to make your decisions) or do it yourself with your eyes closed
  6. Done. Decision(s) made. Get on with your life! 


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