How to practice patience – visiting the Doctor

Today I decided to test my resolve to consciously choose a patient mindset. Far be it from me to do things the easy way though – I went straight to the ultimate Olympic-level patience-testing environment.

I went to the doctors.

I had to go to the doctor this morning – nothing exciting, just time to get a prescription reissued. As I sat in the waiting room I found myself observing the outward signs of impatience in more than one of my fellow wait-ers. I myself have sat in that waiting room many a time for up to an hour (and even beyond) desperately trying not to let my head explode from the frustration of waiting for so long beyond a scheduled appointment and contemplating making an offer to review their scheduling system to see if I could identify how to fix the problem once and for all. Desperately wondering what else could be done to regain some sense of control.

Therein lies the issue. Those of us who are a little ‘patience challenged’ can sometimes find ourselves in situations where we have absolutely no control, so we may start thinking about ways to regain our sense of control. Pointless. As hard as it can be to accept if you’re prone to impatience, it is much easier to tell yourself to simply let it go. You do not have control over everything, and that’s OK. Shit happens.

Thankfully my conscious choice to practice patience today paid off, and every time I choose to be my best self I am taking another step towards my best life.

Mind you, I do still have to go to the chemist to fill my prescription. Given that my last visit involved being stuck behind a lovely older gentleman with 20 – yes, 20 – different prescriptions that he went through one by one with the pharmacist to find out what each was for, I may leave that for another day. I might be on a journey to improve myself, however I’m not trying for a sainthood.



  1. At times, beyond challenging. One of life’s bigger tests. 🙂

    1. Absolutely. Nice to know it’s not just me!

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