Random Stuff: Waiting for the Moto360

I gave up most of my unhealthy obsession with ‘stuff’ several years ago when I had a breakdown and suddenly realised none of it was making me happy… However every now and then a gadget comes along that fills me with lust and longing, as I’ve been a massive technology fan since I got my first computer (the Microbee – yes, really).

Overnight (Australian time) it’s expected that release details will be announced for the Moto360 smart watch, and I am beside myself with excitement. From the moment I read about this ages ago I was intrigued, then when concept images were released (see below) I went from wanting to coveting. I limit my gadgets to one big one a year now – last year was a 27″ Mac, this year will hopefully be the year of the Moto360, as long as it’s not too expensive (prices not released yet). I have a feeling that trying to sleep tonight will be like a six-year-old trying to sleep on Christmas Eve, waiting for Santa to come.

Moral of the story? You’re never too old to admit on the Interwebs that you’re basically an overgrown child.



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