My Secret Addiction: IKEA

I have a terrible secret. I am hopelessly and utterly addicted to IKEA.

Today I may have overdone my self-indulgence a little. I had to pick up some replacement pillows for my guest room, ahead of having family to visit later this week, and instead of going to the average-sized store near my home I drove for 40 minutes to the largest store in the Southern Hemisphere. I think I may have overdosed.

I had a small list of items that I needed to pick up, target spend odd about $50. I left with a car full to the brim with affordable Swedish crap; actual spend $500.

Why? Why does my rational mind switch off when presented with row after row of Lingus, Flergin and Güblergin?

I have no logical answers. I am just waiting for IKEA to start offering therapy so I can get myself sorted. In the meantime, I’ll have to settle for a jar of something Swedish whilst I decide what to buy on my next visit…


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