Random Idea: Exams for Life

Regular readers will be aware that I am in the middle of end-of-year university exams, since I’m balancing being a mature-age student with running my own coaching and consulting business part-time plus writing, presenting and blogging.

Working through the exam preparation and completion process (one down yesterday, one to go next Wednesday) has contributed to a random idea that popped in my head this morning – Exams for Life.

I think we should all have to take a test every six months to see if we have maintained a sufficient level of common sense and common courtesy to continue being a member of society. Pass the test, continue on as normal. Fail the test and be required to undertake refresher lessons on how to be a decent human being.

Genius, huh? Or perhaps I’m just so obsessed with exams because I’m living and breathing them at the moment. I do distinctly remember having a vivid dream last night where I was sitting a test. And I’m pretty sure I screamed out “It’s got to be Answer D!” at one point in the night. Oh dear.

At least I can be grateful that points are not given for staying in the lines when colouring in those little oval shapes on the answer sheet, otherwise I would fail miserably. My answer sheet yesterday looked like I had tried to fill it out during an earthquake.


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