Don’t forget to celebrate every milestone!

Today, I achieved a milestone, not only in the project that I’m working on but also in my life. I have been working day and night to create a Kickstarter campaign to support the launch of my new book and, today, I got the draft campaign to a point that I was happy to submit it to the Kickstarter team for review. Woo hoo!

Once they give me the green light, the next phase begins – promoting the campaign to publish and promote my book about surviving and thriving in spite of mental illness, so that I can raise the funds that I need ($8,700 AUD) to publish and promote the book, which I’m putting the finishing touches to as we speak. It’s not just a book at this stage – it’s become 250 pages of hope, hope that I know will make a difference for anyone who might be experiencing a mental illness (or know someone who is and want to understand what they’re going through).

I hit ‘submit’ on my draft Kickstarter campaign and sat back in my chair, breathing a sigh of relief. I opened my project plan, ticked off my task and then very nearly moved on to my next task before I stopped dead in my tracks.

I have been working for months on this, and here was I, ready to tick it off and move on to the next task? What the hell was I doing? Tsk tsk! I know better than that. When I worked in the corporate world, doing such a thing would have been tantamount to project suicide – the troops would have gone feral and burned down the building!

Why? Because in projects, just like in real life, when you fail to stop and celebrate the milestones you achieve, you’re failing to celebrate the journey that is your life. In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” We all know there’s only one destination in life and nobody’s getting out alive, so why not enjoy the journey more?

This mindset fits in perfectly with mindfulness – being present to the present moment. Do I know what the outcome of my campaign will be? No! I know what I would like it to be, however at this point all I can control is the individual daily actions that I am taking to achieve my goal of successfully publishing and promoting this new book.

So tonight I celebrate. As I write this, I’m listening to my favourite songs from Eurovision 2015 (no judgement!) and having a glass of some lovely Italian Prosecco. Who knows what tomorrow will hold? All I know is that, today, I was my very best ‘me’ and that’s worthy of celebrating!

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