Back my new book on Kickstarter and let’s make a positive difference for people with a mental illness!

Become a backer on Kickstarter for my new book! My Kickstarter campaign is now live until 16 July, secure your copy of my forthcoming book by nominating a reward on Kickstarter at

Did you know that as many as 1 in 4 people will experience a mental illness in any given year? And that depression is the most commonly experienced mental illness?

Mental illness is often swept under the rug. Many who experience mental illness find that they’re treated like lepers, unlike those with a physical illness. Why is it OK to have something go wrong with any organ in our bodies, yet there’s such stigma when something goes wrong inside our brains?

I, for one, refuse to allow stigma to keep me quiet. My name is Jeremy Godwin and I am a survivor of depression, anxiety and two-and-a-half suicide attempts. And I’ve written a book called, “Depression? F*** Depression!”

My book is about surviving and thriving in spite of mental illness following my own experiences. It’s part memoir, part self-help guide, written with positivity and optimism and based on my experiences and research. And, yes, the title is deliberately provocative – because I want this book to grab peoples’ attention on what is an often-taboo subject.

Today I’ve launched a campaign on Kickstarter to fund the project, and I’d like to invite you to back my project and contribute towards making a positive difference.

For the next 30 days (until 16 July 2015), I’ll be looking for backers so that I can raise at least $8700 AUD to publish and promote my book. Please take a moment to check out my campaign and become a backer, and share this post with as many people as possible. Rewards start from just $2 AUD, right through to 12 months of corporate sponsorship at $7500 AUD, and your support will make a positive difference for people living with a mental illness and enable me to realise a dream that sustained me through my own darkest times.


And finally, if you could please also take a moment to spread the word with as many people as possible, that would be brilliant! Thanks!


About Kickstarter/How It Works: If you’ve not heard of Kickstarter or aren’t sure how it works, here’s a quick bit of info for you (and if you need more details you can ask me directly via the ‘Contact’ page on my website). 

Basically it’s a ‘crowdfunding’ website where you can find out about new projects (technology, publishing etc) and, if you like the look of the project, you can choose to become a project backer for a relatively small amount of money, usually getting something in exchange once the campaign period is over (and if the project has reached at least its minimum target). It means that people like me can raise some capital to launch a project if enough people get behind it.

NOTE: You only pay for your reward if at least the full target of $8,700 AUD for my project has been met by the end of the campaign period. f the campaign does not meet the minimum target, then it will be deemed unsuccessful and no funds will be collected. And, even if you commit to become a backer now, you will not be charged until the end of the campaign in 30 days approximately DATE (and don’t worry, you’ll get a reminder near the end of the campaign so that you know the money is about to come out). 


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