How I edited my way to an ‘a-ha!’ moment

I’ve just come up for air after spending several weeks editing and re-editing my forthcoming self-published book, about surviving and thriving in spite of depression, and I must say that I’m glad to be finished. I’m also glad that I learned something quite profound during the process.

I’m relieved to be finished because, as a writer, I find that editing can take the joy out of the process, especially since I’m a complete and utter perfectionist and tend to nitpick at my own work. By the end of the editing process, I just want to tell myself to shut up.

The benefit of doing your own editing, however, is that it really makes you absorb everything that you’ve written, over and over again. I know this book inside and out and, because it’s the first non-fiction book that I’ve written (being part memoir and part self-help guide), the process has made me really sit with what I’ve written and truly absorb it all.

At first I was concerned that I might be over-sharing, then I realised I was actually holding back and not sharing enough. I tackled memories, events and issues across all of my 39 years in a manner that I had never done, not even when undertaking therapy to treat my depression and anxiety. In short, I let go and laid everything bare, so when I revisited my own words over and over during the editing process, I inadvertently forced myself to confront some stuff that I had, to date, never really dealt with. It’s been quite a cathartic process – I can’t recommend it highly enough!

As I prepare my 28,000 word baby to go off to the printers over the next week (once my cover design is just perfect), and as I begin to ramp up promotional activity for the book’s launch in late October 2015, I’m going to remain focused on enjoying every step of the process and learning everything I possibly can. Because, really, isn’t that the point of life – to enjoy the process and learn all we can?


My forthcoming book, ‘Depression? F*** Depression!’ is due out in October 2015 and is now available for pre-order at All pre-orders help to raise much-needed funds to promote the book upon launch, so please be generous and purchase a pre-order copy now! Available in eBook or limited edition signed print versions. Thank you!

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