Nine Outstanding Blogs about Depression, Anxiety & Mental Wellbeing

As part of the research I’ve conducted over the past few years, first for ways to understand and manage my own depression and anxiety (especially when it was at its most debilitating) then to better understand a broad range of experiences and perspectives whilst writing my new book, Depression? F*** Depression!, I’ve stumbled my way through the good, the bad and the ugly of the blogosphere. A number of blogs have stood out both for their content and the fact that they’re linked to time and time again by other blogs.

So, today I present to you a list of mine outstanding blogs about depression, anxiety and mental wellbeing, in no particular order!

14 years ago, Etta was diagnosed with severe and persistent depression and it’s safe to say her life has never been the same. As the blog name suggests, Etta has been heavily involved in marathons and I love the way that she talks positively about seizing the opportunities presented to her as a result of having depression. She certainly makes you look at things in a different light, in spite of all of her ups and downs, and it’s that optimism and resilience that keep me reading.

Fiona speaks openly about her experiences with borderline personality disorder, which sometimes ‘morphs’ into depression. There’s a raw honesty here, as there are in many of my favourite blogs, which make it compelling reading.

‘This is a Depression blog’ is, funnily enough, a blog about depression. Michelle shares a range of reflective articles, as well as ones filled with practical tips. Recent articles talk about breathing techniques and the physical symptoms of depression and anxiety. Highly recommended for its excellent blend of the practical and the personal.

Michael, a proud grandfather, shares his perspective and experiences with ongoing depression. Really engaging to read.

In Daisies and Bruises (a.k.a. The Art of Living With Depression), Erin shares her experiences with depression and her love of art (she sells her fantastic arts and crafts on Etsy). It can be a rollercoaster read yet that’s what I love about it, because it’s reflective of the real daily ups and downs associated with living with depression.

For those who might be keen to pursue a more holistic approach to managing mental illness, Beyond Meds explores different potential therapies and offers unique perspectives.

In his blog, A Splintered Mind, Douglas Cootey talks about living with depression and ADHD with an incredibly dry wit which I find immensely readable.

Focusing specifically on anxiety is… Anxiety Guru! No, not a superhero, but a collection of well-researched, well-written and practical articles full of real-world advice for conquering anxiety.

Kerri Sackville is an Australian author, columnist, speaker and social media-type person who writes all about her life in a witty and self-deprecating. The author of 2012’s The Little Book of Anxiety is refreshing in the way she shares her stories through her blog, mostly because her anxiety is treated as just part of who she is as well as being a mother, a writer etc. Love it.

So what about you? Do you have any great recommendations? Feel free to share them in the comments!
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