Limited-time offer – get yourself a FREE BOOK!

Hi everyone

To celebrate the launch of my new book, Depression? F*** Depression! (a memoir and self-help guide about – you guessed it – depression!), I’m offering my debut fictional novel Real Life (released in 2013) for FREE on the Amazon Kindle store for the next three days. Yes you read that right – for FREE!

Real Life is a story about what goes on behind the scenes at a fictional hit television show. Scandal, intrigue and blackmail aren’t just plot lines for the show – they’re part of everyday life for the cast of the TV show ‘Real Life’. If you’re after a good, trashy read then you just might enjoy Real Life. WARNING: Contains strong language and adult themes.

Download it for FREE for three days only from the Amazon Kindle store at Offer ends 4:59pm AEDT Wednesday 18 November (11:59pm US Pacific Time on Tuesday 17 November).


About Real Life:

When the new television drama, Real Life, becomes a global sensation, the headlines aren’t just about the show – the public can’t get enough of what’s going on in the real lives of the cast. All of the attention is helped along by Richard Harrison, one of the biggest media moguls in the world, who has secretly arranged for the most scandalous real life cast stories to be publicly leaked in order to generate as much media coverage as possible. Alison Peters, in charge of Public Relations for the show, is the only person standing between Richard and the media. Will she succumb to his demands or will she take control and expose Richard for the evil dictator that he really is?


Read what others have said about Real Life:

“An amazing read, loved it”

“Wow! The storyline is a page turner and I couldn’t put it down…”

“I must admit this genre is not usually my thing, but I’m so glad I read it as it’s not often I come across a book that makes me laugh out loud. Funny, sexy, bitchy and entertaining right to the end :)”


Feel free to pass these details on to anyone who might be interested – there’s no limit to the number of free copies that can be downloaded during the next three days, so go for it! Get your copy now from – I hope you enjoy it!

Real Life REVISED cover for iTunes




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