Everything Is A Choice 

Sometimes it’s good to re-state the obvious, because what is obvious can often be forgotten thanks to the sheer magnitude of things that compete for our attention on a daily basis. Today, that little slice of the obvious is this: everything is a choice. And, moreover, everything in your life is your choice. Deep, huh?

Today, for example, I made a choice to feel inspired. With very little effort and absolutely no Googling, it took less than half an hour to discover three new blogs which spoke to me in positive ways and which triggered a burst of creative energy and new ideas. That’s the thing about choice – once you make a choice and commit to it wholeheartedly, it becomes your destiny.

Choice is very different to control. Time and again in my work I talk about how the only thing we truly have control over is how we choose to think and feel, and what action we take (i.e. How we behave). That’s the brilliant thing about embracing the philosophy that everything is a choice whilst recognising that your only choices are what you think, feel and do. Because once you accept that you have no control over anything outside of your own choices, you suddenly recognise just how free you are to shape your own destiny. Because if you cannot control others, then they cannot control you. If you cannot control events, then events cannot control you. If circumstance is merely something that you choose how to respond to, then you are not a slave to circumstance. Your fate is not pre-written; you choose how your destiny unfolds.

I’ve spoken before about positive energy breeding positive energy, and negative energy breeding negative energy, and I can think of no better example of seeing this is action than the subject of personal choice. If you choose to be negative then don’t be hugely surprised when shit sticks to you like a magnet. If you choose positivity, then like-energy is attracted to you which, in turn, increases your positivity.

Now, here’s the bit where I circle back to discussing the obvious. Most of us know all of this, either intuitively or explicitly (or, hopefully, both), yet merely knowing something doesn’t make a meaningful impact on your life. It’s through living something that the impact is felt.

This is where the hard work comes in. This is where it’s up to us as individuals to take control of our thoughts, feelings and actions and to make the conscious decision every day to create the life we want through every single choice we make. Every day. The more you do it, the easier it becomes, yet don’t be surprised if you trip up along the way – and if you do, choose to be kind to yourself, because it is through our mistakes that we as human beings learn. It is through the choices we make and the outcomes generated by those choices that we learn what works well and what we need to change to deliver better results.

Make a conscious decision each morning, upon waking, to be conscious about your choices throughout the day. Recognise the thoughts, feelings and actions that are positive (and which do no harm to yourself or others) and embrace them, whilst learning from anything negative in order that you may transform these types of thoughts, feelings and actions into positive ones so that you will attract more positive energy to your life.

Because just as being angry is a choice, so too is being happy. Choose wisely.


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