The Wonder of Winter

Much like in a particular television show, winter is here; well, at least it is here in the Southern Hemisphere. Whilst those of you in the north enjoy the sun, it is our turn down south to wrap up against the cold. As I sit here rugged up in several layers – in spite of a heater which has been running all day long – it struck me just how much pure joy there is to be wrought from the depths of winter, in spite of the freezing cold and short days.

Now, I should say up-front that I am a winter baby – having been born in early July, smack-bang in the middle of the coldest part of the year – and therefore it’s quite likely that my positive outlook on winter is somewhat skewed by that random little fact, yet nonetheless I really do love this time of year (regardless of my occasional bleatings on social media when the temperature drops to -8C/17F overnight and all the brass monkeys lose their extremities).

Of course, like anything, it’s all a matter of perspective, but there really is so much to be grateful for at this time of year if you just take a moment to think about it. Don’t believe me? Well, what about:

  • Getting cosy under a throw rug (my super-soft bamboo throw is attached to me from May to early September without fail every year – there’s nothing quite like it)
  • Homemade soup (my all-time favourite is tomato and roasted capsicum, and at this time of year I drink it like it’s going out of style)
  • Log fires (nothing beats the smell of wood smoke in the air)
  • Hot chocolate (I’ve been sugar-free for just over three months and I have to say that even the sugar-free stuff is heavenly on a cold night)
  • Slow-cooked stews (do I need to say anything further on this one?!)
  • Gloves (warm AND stylish – it’s a win/win)
  • Watching TV in bed on a cold night when the wind is howling outside (add the hot chocolate I mentioned before and it’s utter bliss)

There are so many more wonderful things about this time of year, and being out and about gives you a chance to reflect on the annual cycle of renewal our planet goes through. Sure, winter may not be everyone’s favourite season – but without winter there can be no spring, summer or autumn.

So, what’s your favourite thing about winter?

Until next time… stay warm!


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Jeremy Godwin is an Australian author, speaker and coach who specialises in self-development, personal growth and mental health, and is currently seeking treatment for a serious Eurovision addiction. His new book, No-Nonsense Advice For Living, is out now – get it on iBooks or Kindle. Follow his blog, Stuff I’ve Learned (So Far) About Life, Liberty & Leprechauns, here.

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