Wrapping Up My Extended Blogging Break (And Announcing A New Approach… PLUS a free gift!)

Well hello there! I know, it’s been a long time since I last posted (July 2017… how time flies) so I thought it was about time to explain my extended absence and share how I’m approaching blogging/writing in 2018 (plus, there’s a free little gift for you at the end of this blurb – consider it a reward for sitting through my brain-dump!).

So, where have I been?! Some of you may recall that I returned to full-time undergraduate study as a mature-age student in 2014 (studying Psychology & Sociology)… well, last year was the final year of my degree and at some point it became my all-consuming focus, so I took some time off from writing. At the same time, I was devoting all of my attention to sorting out my physical health and losing the massive amount of weight I had gained as a direct result of my past mental health challenges (I’ll be sharing more about that in coming blog posts; in short, I’ve shed over 42 kgs/93 lbs and can definitely attest to the direct link between physical and mental health!). I’m also pleased to say that I passed everything degree-wise, including several horrendous exams (I hate exams!), with flying colours and even earned a couple of High Distinctions (the highest grade you can get), so I’m glad I gave it my full attention because I now, at age 41, have completed the university degree I’ve been wanting to complete for a very long time!

By the time I finished my exams/degree in October I was utterly exhausted and needed a break, so I took some time off to just relax and recover. Then, as often tends to happen, time flew by and the next thing I knew it was 2018, which prompted me to start really thinking about what I wanted to do with myself professionally and creatively post-degree. In a week’s time I’ll be starting a year-long postgraduate degree in Counselling, which is a field I’m really interested in and which feels like a natural development beyond coaching, so I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how I’ll integrate that with my writing, coaching, and public speaking going forward… which then led me to reassess what I wanted to do with my blog.

It dawned on me that I want to be able to use my personal blog to talk about a broad range of topics, yet I’m mindful that I started this off as a discussion about mental health and wellbeing – which is probably why many of you who have subscribed signed up in the first place. So, I’ve decided to split out my writing and other work related to mental health and wellbeing into a new website/blog called Let’s Talk About Mental Health (find it at www.ltamh.com) which will focus on broad topics related to mental wellbeing (in other words, it will do pretty much what it says on the tin!).

But it’s bigger than just a new blog that I’ve set up. I’ve decided to pull together all the things I’m passionate about and enjoy – writing, mental health/wellbeing advocacy, public speaking – to create projects which feel like a natural extension of the work I’ve been doing over the last few years. Let’s Talk About Mental Health will be a place where I will be sharing a number of different projects related to mental health and wellbeing beyond just blogging, including what I’m most excited about: a weekly program which will be available as a podcast or vodcast (i.e. Video), which I’ll be launching very shortly (March 2018). At the same time, I’ll still be operating this blog/website (www.jeremygodwin.net), but the focus will become more personal, exploring my own journey through wellbeing and personal growth as well as a range of subjects which fascinate me, whilst also allowing my website to serve as a platform to run my business as a writer, speaker and coach (and, later this year, as a counsellor).

If you’re interested in broad conversations about mental health and wellbeing, then please head over to www.ltamh.com to find out more, and subscribe to my new blog to stay posted (as well as being able to receive updates on the upcoming Let’s Talk About Mental Health weekly podcast/vodcast). You can also find Let’s Talk About Mental Health on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook). If you’re happy to keep on receiving blog posts that are more personal/broad in focus (i.e. From this blog), then you don’t need to do anything as you’ll keep on receiving post alerts in your inbox if you’ve subscribed by email/WordPress.

As a gift to say thanks for all of your support, I’ve enclosed a link to download a free PDF copy of my book No-Nonsense Advice For Living which is full of (funnily enough) no-nonsense advice for living. I hope you enjoy it; if you already have a copy, feel free to pay it forward to a friend/family member/random stranger!

I know some of you started following this blog for its focus on mental health and wellbeing, whilst others did so due to my more personal musings; either way, thanks for all of your support and I hope that you’ll continue with me on both of these journeys. Thanks very much for reading and I look forward to sharing with you, in one way or the other, in the near future!



Download your free copy of No-Nonsense Advice For Living from here: NNAFL PDF VERSION

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