A new ‘Let’s Talk About Mental Health’ episode has landed!

Hello! Today is a huge day for me because my podcast and blog about mental health and wellbeing, Let’s Talk About Mental Health, has just launched! I’ve been working hard to get this project up and running, so I’m both excited and nervous… nothing ventured, nothing gained!

This week the topic is Let’s Talk About… Resetting. I’m talking about what you can do to take control of your life if you find yourself feeling like you’re not on the right path, or if some part of your life is making you miserable.

Rather than copy and paste the content here, below is a link to the blog as well as links to the podcast – I hope you’ll take some time to read Let’s Talk About Mental Health and/or listen to it on your preferred platform. Please subscribe to the podcast and/or blog, and follow @ltamhofficial on Instagram, Facebook and/or Pinterest.

I’ll still be posting here to discuss my work as an author and speaker, however all mental health- and wellbeing-related content will now be incorporated into Let’s Talk About Mental Health.

Thanks for your time and support, and have a brilliant week!

Jeremy 🙂

Blog: Find the blog here

Podcast: Click the links below for your preferred platform

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