Random thoughts – March 2021

Well hello! It’s been a while (on this website at least). Hopefully you’ve seen that I’ve been keeping busy publishing content weekly on Let’s Talk About Mental Health with both the podcast and YouTube show.

So it dawned on me this morning that I’ve been incredibly quiet over on this blog and I decided to do something about that today… however I am offering zero guarantees about future blogs here because every time I do it appears that I never come back! 🤣 Not intentional… just haven’t really been clear on what to say on this platform as opposed to my Let’s Talk About Mental Health stuff – and I’m still not clear, quite frankly, so I’m just going to share whatever I feel like sharing on here and it can do whatever it does.

I’m doing a lot of research at the moment about how to improve my YouTube channel and the consensus seems to be time – most YouTubers take 2-3 years or even longer to find their feet and grow on the platform, and that’s a good thing because it takes a LONG time to learn all the bits and pieces that go into even just doing the basics, let alone then learning how to improve the overall quality. It’s a lot of work but I’m enjoying it and I think the videos are slowly getting better… come back and ask me what I think of my current videos in a year or two!

I am about to hit 250,000 plays on my podcast which is completely mind-blowing, and it now has audiences in over 110 countries (I say ‘over’ now because it’s easier than updating it every time it changes). I launched this thing 18 months ago after wanting to do something in the mental health and wellbeing space for a while but never really figuring out what that thing could be (I mean I tried the whole book thing back in 2015 but to be honest it didn’t go too far as I didn’t exactly have an audience, and it is virtually impossible to build an audience from scratch overnight). So now I’m coming at things the other way, having taken the time to build this wonderful audience (who I really, really appreciate!) and now I’m starting to consider what the next steps are. And yes that involves a book, which I’m currently working on in between my regular LTAMH work, consulting/coaching work and general procrastination about writing.

So that’s about it for now. This turned into more of a general update than anything else which is fine I guess, we’ll see where I go with this in the future. For now, however, if you’re interested in actual content from me you can sign up to my LTAMH mailing list at https://letstalkaboutmentalhealth.com.au/subscribe/ where I post the full episode transcript and audio weekly (Sundays) and an end-of-week quick newsletter with 3 or 4 things I’ve been enjoying during the week (related to mental health/wellbeing/self-development) – I just added the newsletter this week and it’s designed to be read in no more than two or three minutes, because who has the time for lengthy emails?

And on that note, thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


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