Fear is a bully. Bullies can be defeated.

I’m delighted to announce that I’m back in therapy. Well, I already announced it in the Let’s Talk About Mental Health podcast a while back but I’m announcing it again here. Why am I delighted about that? Because it means I’m taking a step towards dealing with a bunch of challenges I’ve been experiencing over the past year such as grief, family stuff, juggling multiple commitments and being roadblocked by fear on numerous occasions.

Fear is a real pain in the backside. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on things, fear will come and bite you on the arse and try to put you back in your box. Which sucks. Because when you stay inside your box, you can’t grow and become something bigger. And if the purpose of life is to be the best version of yourself possible (which is what I talk about on the podcast a lot) then it stands to reason that we need to push ourselves to grow beyond that little box. Which triggers fear and… well, you get the picture.

Fear is a bully. And the great thing is that bullies can be defeated. How? By starving them of what they want: attention and a sense of power. If you pay attention to your fears then you are feeding them, and when you do that they grow more and more powerful. Does ignoring them completely and getting on with your life work? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Just like when dealing with a bully, your fears will keep on trying to get your attention and bring you down to their level – so the only way through it is through it; it takes time, effort and (most importantly) perseverance… but, eventually, their power will fade and you’ll be less and less controlled by all the things that you feel fearful about.

Putting myself out there week after week on the podcast was terrifying at first, and then I began to receive lovely messages from people around the world who had discovered my work and found it helpful. Then I decided to do YouTube even though I was most definitely terrified about that and I wasn’t happy about the way I look due to my extra weight, and then I began to receive lovely messages from people around the world who had discovered my work and found it helpful. If I had listened to my fears and let them control me, I would never have done these things that bring me joy and a sense of purpose.

I started this post talking about therapy and I did so because we’ve been discussing fear a lot in the last couple of sessions, which led me to create this post that I published recently on my @jeremygodwinofficial account on Instagram:

So you’ll be seeing me doing a lot more posting on various platforms and slowly pushing past fear so I can get on with releasing more of my work into the world, and even though that continues to be terrifying (you try putting yourself out there – some people are arseholes!) for the most part I know that there are people who enjoy what I do and find it helpful, which makes it all worthwhile and rewarding.

So let me close by asking you this question: how is fear holding you back? And what are you going to do about it?

JG 🙂

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