Sometimes you just have to follow your heart. Even if that means doing things for yourself.

I like talking. That should come as no surprise since I do it for a living, but even though it’s something I thoroughly enjoy I can still find myself being hesitant to take a leap of faith every now and then when it comes to the things I want to try.

It took me AGES to finally launch my Let’s Talk About Mental Health show on YouTube (LTAMH:TV), which I did back in January, and I’m glad I did because it’s helped me to be more comfortable on camera even though I have been very open and honest about being unhappy with my current size (I’m working on it but these things take time, and I refuse to rush it because I’m working on the underlying issues with a therapist so we can treat the root cause… just like the advice I give on LTAMH all the time!). But I’m very happy I did it because I felt a strong pull to make it happen and now I’m absolutely loving it.

I’ve had a few times where I’ve felt really pulled to do a specific thing and even if I’ve been nervous about it, actually doing it has proven to be the greatest thing I’ve ever done: starting my podcast, setting up as an independent coach, launching my YouTube channel for LTAMH:TV. Instead of worrying about things or what other people might think, sometimes you just have to do things for yourself so you can at least say you gave it a try.

I’m on the brink of doing another one of those things.

So here’s the point: I did a thing… starting on May 1 I have a second YouTube channel starting full of no-nonsense advice for living. It’s a place for me to talk about more than just mental health (however nothing will change with LTAMH!). Watch the promo below that’s going out on social media shortly, and please subscribe to the channel here to catch new episodes each Saturday. Hope you like it! JG 🙂

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