I’m talking about growth again. Surprise!

I’m talking about growth again this week on Let’s Talk About Mental Health TV (video below) and it’s a topic I come back to again and again, which might seem surprising for someone who talks about mental health for a living… but here we are. Actually the two topics are a natural fit for one another, mainly because challenges like anxiety, stress, depression etc. really do force us to find new approaches in order to adapt and overcome – which is basically the dictionary definition of ‘growth’.

I’ve been doing a lot of work on personal growth over the past few years and especially in recent months as I work with a therapist to address the root cause of my emotional eating (and I’m making excellent progress with that, I’m pleased to say) and I’ve been building a greater sense of calm and peace of mind around things, while slowly learning how to let go of my control issues. In this video, for example, there are a couple of spots where the auto-focus decided that the contents of the shelves behind me were more important to focus on than me (and since I’ve recently upgraded to a better-quality camera that I am still working out how to actually use, I have to work out how to fix that for next time – which will be a while, given that I filmed six weeks of episodes in one day!)… my point is that even just six months ago I would have freaked out and re-shot the entire thing, whereas now I’ve just accepted that it is what it is and I put a couple of notes on-screen to explain what was going on then let go – which for me is massive personal growth, because I have perfectionist tendencies. Which just goes to show that anybody can change and grow at any time – if I can do it, being as stubborn and pedantic as I am sometimes, so can you!

I’m also trying some new stuff this week in terms of branching out beyond my usual monochromatic grey/white/black colour scheme… I’m sure very few people (if any) would notice or care, but I thought I’d mention it since it required me to step out of what I’m used to and try something different (which is, of course, one of the best ways to grow… I mean, I’m not inventing flying cars here or changing the world, but at least I’m pushing myself to do things differently).

So here’s my challenge to you: try one new thing this week, no matter how small. And if you feel comfortable, I’d love to hear about it so leave me a comment here or find me on Instagram.

Have a fantastic week!

Jeremy 🙂


  1. Sharyn Barridge says:

    I’ll share a huge growth moment. I’ve just stepped into a temporary management role for 3 months being responsible for a 14 bed high support mental health unit. From being a RN on the floor (so to speak) for 13 years, to being an Acting Nurse Unit Manager it is a big step. It’s not always comfortable, but I am learning how to deal with the stress of the role.

    1. That’s huge, congratulations Sharyn! Growth is definitely rarely (if ever) comfortable but it’s almost always (if not always) beneficial. Take things one day at a time, one step at a time and remember: you’ve got this! So happy for you. Have a brilliant day! 🙂

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