For every question there is an answer. Hopefully.

I’m taking a different approach this week on Let’s Talk About Mental Health TV (video below) and I’m answering questions that were submitted to me via Instagram a few weeks ago.

One of the things I really enjoy about the work I do (and there are a lot of things!) is that I receive quite a few messages every week from people all around the world who have listened to my podcast or watched me on YouTube and who are looking for some high-level guidance of where to start with their current challenges. Most of the time people are really respectful of my time and don’t try to use me for free therapy (although that has happened in a couple of instances – and by couple I mean just two, which isn’t too bad); the majority of people just don’t know where to start when it comes to dealing with problems and mental health challenges, especially in the anxiety and depression space, and I know that feeling well so I’m grateful to be able to help others – it feels like an opportunity to pay forward the kindness that was shown to me by several people during my darkest days back in 2011-2013/14.

The thing with mental health care is that it’s expensive, even in a country like Australia which has so-called ‘universal’ health care (it’s not quite as universal as it used to be). Sure your doctor can refer you to see a psychologist (counsellors aren’t covered, even those of us who have relevant degrees/qualifications – which is ridiculous) and the first few sessions are ‘covered’ by Medicare (the single quotes are used here because the majority of the time the basic subsidy amount does not actually cover the full fee, so you’re usually left with a large co-pay amount)… but the thing is that not everybody feels they’re in need of seeing a therapist immediately. Sometimes, you just need someone objective to talk through your challenges with and to help guide you towards options that may help you to get a handle on things… which is where I see my podcast and YouTube shows coming in. For the majority of us it’s about finding tools and practices that help us to look after our day-to-day mental health and wellbeing, so that we’re better equipped to handle the challenging stuff, and it seems to me like there are a lot of people focusing on the extremes of mental health rather than providing guidance and support for dealing with the everyday aspect, so that’s where I’m focusing more and more of my energy.

Which brings me to question time this week. I was delighted to receive lots of great and thoughtful questions from around the world, and I covered as many as I possibly could in the video (which is a bit longer than usual, so I’ve broken it up into chapters to make it easy to navigate) and this is something I am considering doing every couple of months as a means of providing some guidance around those questions that many of us have. Drop me a comment and let me know what you thought about it, and if you have your own questions feel free to get in touch and I’ll add them to a future video (you will not be identified). Alternatively, send me a DM on Instagram.

Have a fantastic week!

Jeremy 🙂

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