Talking some more about work…

I tried something a bit different this week: I did a tie-in between the podcast episode (Episode 87) about work and the new YouTube episode (below). Why? Because to be honest I had so many points to cover that it could have easily turned into War and Peace.

Mental health at work is an interesting topic and one that I’ve got plenty of strong opinions about (me? Having strong opinions? Never!)… I think that working on better mental health requires an acceptance that all we can directly control is ourselves (i.e. Our words, actions and feelings) and so work often becomes a real challenge in the sense that there are outside pressures placed on us as well as lots of things happening that are completely outside of our control. It was fairly cathartic to explore the idea of how to build and maintain better mental health at work through the podcast and YouTube episodes this week, and I do hope that you find them useful.

I hope you enjoy this week’s content. Have a fantastic day/week!

Jeremy 🙂

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