The tangled web of talking about healthy family boundaries…

This week on Let’s Talk About Mental Health TV I’m talking about setting healthy boundaries with family members, which is ironic because even just a few years ago there was no way I could take myself seriously trying to talk about that particular subject!

I have been very open in my podcast and on Let’s Talk About Mental Health TV about the not-so-fun times I’ve had navigating my way through that particular obstacle course, and I think I’ve made pretty much every mistake there is to make (Arguing? Check. Retaliation? Check. More drama than an episode of Melrose Place? Check, check, check!). But the wonderful thing about growing a little older is that one of two things happens: you either double-down on the drama, or you decide enough is enough and instead focus on peace of mind. Thankfully, I did the latter and now my focus is on keeping those boundaries good and healthy!

Does that mean life is without drama? No. Why not? Because life doesn’t work like that! You have zero control over what other people do or don’t do, and so it really comes back to two core principles: (1) choosing to respond to others in a way that prioritises your sense of calm and peace of mind, and (2) being thoughtful and considerate in your words and actions, both towards others and within yourself.

I hope you enjoy this week’s content. Have a fantastic day/week!

Jeremy 🙂

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