It’s OK not to be OK. OK?!

This week over on LTAMH:TV (Let’s Talk About Mental Health TV) I looked at what to do if you’re not feeling OK. It’s a ‘how-to’ video and I’ll be adding some of these into my rotation of topics every couple of weeks or so because, well, that’s what the people want on YouTube… so who am I to deny them?!

But that actually presents a great opportunity because the quality of some of the how-to advice out there is either low or just non-existent, which gives me the irrits (i.e. It irritates me). I mean, I’m all for exploring alternative therapies and ideas (and I am very open to them) but I think that there is a very clear line between being broadminded and sharing advice that is potentially dangerous – I don’t care what anyone says, but wedging a crystal in your left armpit isn’t going to magically make everything better, and that’s one of many issues I have with DIY advice on the internet. Am I the only one who has a major issue with the rejection of scientific evidence that’s going on in the world today?

Anyway… (my way of acknowledging I’ve gone off on a tangent) so my how-to video this week is aimed at giving clear advice to anyone who might be struggling with their mental health, and the steps I cover are not quick-fixes and nor are they easy, but often the tough thing is the right thing in the long run.

Speaking of “in the long run” – I just recently celebrated reaching listeners in 150 countries worldwide (plus another 18 territories not officially recognised as countries in their own right). That, quite frankly, is AMAZING and I am so grateful that so many of you enjoy what I do and find it helpful. I felt inspired to do another vlog on my second channel (the Jeremy Godwin one) talking about this new milestone, and I ended up sharing a bit of life philosophy that I think is helpful no matter what stage of life you’re in, so check it out below under the LTAMH:TV video (I’ve also added in the vlog I did last week because I didn’t put it in last week’s blog). If you like it, subscribe to my channel.

I hope you enjoy this week’s content. Have a fantastic day/night whenever you’re reading this and enjoy your week!

Jeremy 🙂

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