The irony of me saying that antidepressants are not the answer…

This week over on LTAMH:TV (Let’s Talk About Mental Health TV) I looked at why antidepressants are not the answer, and it was a topic inspired by a conversation with someone about just how common antidepressant usage is in this country (and others, I’m sure). I have some fairly strong opinions about the pop-a-pill-and-make-it-better culture that we live in and it’s part of a broader conversation about the damage that instant gratification does to our mental health and wellbeing, but I might park that particular soapbox for the time being as I’ve been discussing enough controversial topics for one week (between talking about death on the podcast and speaking out about antidepressants on YouTube, I’ve been on quite a roll).

So there is a definite irony in me saying that antidepressants are not the answer because, as I say at the start of the video, I would not be here today without them. But the caveat I put on that is that my recovery involved much more than taking pills to get through my depression and anxiety; I had to completely re-engineer my entire life and also finally confront a whole bunch of stuff to get to a better place. Medication played a role, but it wasn’t the only star of the show. And I think that’s the problem with our ‘pop-a-pill’ culture – the only fix for major challenges is to do the work, which is uncomfortable and even painful. But it’s worth it. Anyway, I explain more in the video about the balanced approach that is needed, so check it out below. And if you like what you see, subscribe to my channel. Plus I’ve done another vlog post on my other YouTube channel which you can find below (all about the massive amount of second-guessing and overthinking I did with this week’s podcast topic).

I hope you enjoy this week’s content. Have a fantastic day/night whenever you’re reading this and enjoy your week!

Jeremy 🙂

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