The Zen of Waiting

I’ve spent a lot of time waiting in the past week. I’m in the middle of the recruitment process for a casual job and a medical assessment is required, so I have been back and forth having a battery of tests done. As I write this I am currently sitting in the waiting room ofContinue reading “The Zen of Waiting”

Why We Should All Embrace Our Emotional Selves 

I’ve been completely medication-free for several months now, after nearly five years on antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication, and as a result I’m rediscovering the whole spectrum of emotions and working my way through how to reintegrate my stronger emotions – the good and the bad – into my personal and professional self. While it’s a challenge, it’s a goodContinue reading “Why We Should All Embrace Our Emotional Selves “

Shaping Your Destiny

Destiny is often described as this invisible force guiding us towards a future which has already been decided for us. Is it though? Are things really that black and white? We each have our own perspectives on the subject of destiny and for me I’m not convinced that my fate was pre-determined at birth. However,Continue reading “Shaping Your Destiny”