Past, Present AND Future

I am a firm advocate for living in the now, yet I’ve noticed that some of the more zealous supporters of this mindset seem to think that living in the now should be done at the expense of the past and future. I disagree. In fact, I believe it is healthiest to live in theContinue reading “Past, Present AND Future”

Happiness & Success – a.k.a. The Chicken or The Egg

We human beings are very good at constantly moving the goalposts on ourselves. Whenever we set a goal, we often convince ourselves that achieving it will make us happy – that happiness lies on the other side of success. Yet, does it? Do you ever feel completely happy once you’ve fulfilled a certain goal? OrContinue reading “Happiness & Success – a.k.a. The Chicken or The Egg”

Living with Less

Happiness isn’t about how much stuff you have, what car you drive, or which labels you’re wearing. We all know this, although some of us are more accepting of it than others. So why, then, does the rat race continue? Because, like any race, it will keep going for as long as people choose to participate. SeveralContinue reading “Living with Less”