Growing older isn’t terrible. Actually, it’s a privilege.

Some people might say that getting older kinda sucks, but there are lots of benefits (and hooray for that, because growing older is inevitable — like invented drama on reality television or politicians who think that ‘truth’ is entirely optional). Which is why I chose to talk about it in the very first episode of No-Nonsense Advice for Living, my second YouTube channel where I talk about a wide range of topics in my usual blunt and direct style. You can watch the video below (and if you like what you see please subscribe to the channel/turn on notifications to be alerted when new episodes land each Saturday).

I had actually intended my first episode to be on an entirely different topic (about why it’s never too late to try new things, which I’ll revisit in a future episode) but as I was recording it was almost like the content just took on a life of its own. I guess what needed to be said just needed to be said, so I said it. As I was editing the video it dawned on me just how fortunate we all are just to be able to stay around for another day, and how sometimes we can take those things for granted.

With that in mind, I’m dedicating this video and the new chapter in my career to my wonderful friend Colleen who passed away several years ago from cancer. When I released my previous books Colleen was my number one supporter and cheer squad, even as she was dealing with a number of health issues. Her radiance and positivity is greatly missed by many, and I consider myself very lucky for having known her. Random story here: when we worked together we were once both in Sydney at the same time and she was in the office for a late meeting as I was leaving; when I told her I was going back to the hotel she told me to relax and take a bath so I, being a smart-arse, said I would send her a picture and I did later that night – of me standing fully-clothed in an empty bathtub. That’s the kind of stupid funny shit we would say/do to one another all the time, and I loved her dearly.

I believe that we each have a choice to make every day: do we let the challenging stuff drag us down, or do we stay positive and realistically optimistic while choosing to grow in spite of whatever happens? I think growing older is one of those things where we can either be miserable about it (which is pointless because it’s happening anyway) or we can make the most of the ride. My choice? I’m always strapped in and ready for the next part of the rollercoaster!

Jeremy 🙂

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