Surviving the holiday season…

This week on Better Mental Health I’m sharing practical tips to help you look after your mental health and wellbeing during the hectic and challenging holiday season, regardless of whether you celebrate the major events or not. So… get comfortable and let’s talk about better mental health!

I call this one ‘somebody got carried away with the Xmas trees’

A brief word about these posts: I have decided to stop reinventing the wheel and I’m only sending out the video, since there has been a very low number of people actually opening the article. This way I’m still capturing the content as part of the blog but I’m not spending an hour formatting it when few people are reading it. Thanks for understanding!

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Thanks so much for joining me today, take care and talk to you next time!

Jeremy 😃

Jeremy Godwin (@jeremygodwinofficial on Instagram) is an Australian writer, content creator and coach who focuses on better mental health. His weekly podcast Let’s Talk About Mental Health has more than 650,000 downloads and listeners in over 150 countries, and in it Jeremy shares practical advice for improving and maintaining mental health that is grounded in quality research and personal experience. He also presents a weekly show on YouTube, Better Mental Health, which focuses on simple advice for how to manage different aspects of mental health. Jeremy’s style is direct-yet-supportive, and his own experiences with depression and anxiety (along with his formal qualifications in psychology and sociology) allow him to provide advice that is both impactful and sensitive.

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